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Get Straight to Work

Designed to promote productivity, the dashboard gets right to the point. Jump to your library, launch plans, or create new content- right now.


Simple Tools, Powerful Outputs. Consistent customization through all levels of content keeps things familiar, easy and fun.

Expert Developed

Have the immediate confidence that the activities or lessons plans you choose are going to be relevant and be physically appropriate for your practice or session.

Reduce Costs

Developing and delivering programming is expensive, why try to reinvent the wheel when our wheel comes with over 750 activities and 200 lesson plans for you to choose from and more being added every day. Customize activities to your specific needs, add more of your own, share among your staff, you'll see the savings adding up.

Get Mobile, & Live!

Why use paper?

Launch and view Lesson Plans from your mobile device, tablet or PC to teach on the go!

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Logical Construction

With a focus on usability, navigating through your Collections, Lesson Plans, Progressions and Activities is quick, clean and intuitive.

Physical Literacy for All

No Participant Left Behind!

Authors have the tools to adapt content to the specific needs of participants of all abilities, promoting universal accessibility and inclusion.

Custom Design Options

All For You

Create a unique experience for your users. Select a basic colour scheme, add your organisation's logo, distribute your own content and include content from Sport for Life's library.