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What is a content pack?

Sport for Life has created content packs for organizations to use as part of their PLAYBuilder license. Content packs provide one place for activities, lesson plans, progressions, and collections that are related (i.e. the Active Start content pack contains content for children 0-6 years old). These packs were developed using the Long-Term Development framework, with an emphasis on children, youth, and adults needing to do the right things at the right time to develop in their sport or physical activity. Once your organization purchases a PLAYBuilder license, the content packs will be found on the Dashboard under “Browse Your Packs”. Each organization can subscribe to and / or create their own content packs based on their own needs and do not have to purchase Sport for Life content if they want to produce their own. Thus, access to these packs depends on which PLAYBuilder package your organization purchases.

What is included in each content pack and which content packs are best for my organization?

Active Start Content Pack

From 0-6 years, boys and girls need to be engaged in daily active play. This content pack includes 42 activities, 22 lessons, and 6 collections to choose from. Through play and movement, children develop fundamental movement skills and learn how to link them together.

Best used by:
  • Organizations offering programs for children age 0-6 who want to develop physical literacy.

FUNdamentals Content Pack

Children develop fundamental movement skills in structured and unstructured environments for play. This content pack includes 70 activities, 26 lessons, and 6 collections. The focus of this content is on providing fun, inclusive, and developmentally-appropriate sport and physical activity.

Best used by:
  • Organizations offering programming for children age 6-12 who want to build fundamental movement skills and develop physical literacy.

Learn to Train Content Pack

Once a wide range of fundamental movement skills have been acquired, participants move to the Learn to Train stage. This content pack includes 66 activities, 26 lessons, and 6 collections. Within this pack there are multiple sports and activities with a focus on skill development and retention. Games and activities are fun and skill-based.

Best used by:
  • Organizations offering programming for children age 8-16 who want to build sport-specific skills and quality sport experiences.

Movement Preparation

Movement preparation is warm-up program where the focus is on incorporating fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills into activity. This content pack includes 44 activities and 4 progressions.

Best used by:
  • Organizations offering programming for high-level sport, sport-specific activities, or need warm-ups for general physical literacy activities.

Developing Physical Literacy Grades 1-10

These four content packs develop age-appropriate physical literacy for grades 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-10. These packs include 647 total activities, 136 lesson plans, and 4 collections targeted at specific age ranges. All of which can be filtered to show Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train, Train to Train, and Active for Life within the stages of athletic development. These packs are a great starting point for teachers, coaches, and leaders alike as activities can easily be organized to suit your organization’s goals and needs.

Best used by:
  • An organization that offers physical activity, sport and physical literacy programming for children and youth. This content provides the building blocks for developing physical literacy and is included in a Basic PLAYBuilder license for all organizations. Schools will especially benefit from the segmented collections and lessons included.